Free Plagiarism Checker

So you think that you’re a pretty good content writer. You consider yourself an honest and unique writer, meaning that you don’t even consider plagiarism. But wait. Even good writers can write plagiarized content by mistake.

What are the consequences of unintentional plagiarism? Pretty much the same as intentional plagiarism. Even if it was just an honest mistake, you could face legal ramifications with high fines and your reputation irreversibly tarnished. No company or freelance writing service wants to hire a writer who has already been under fire for plagiarism. It’s just too much of a risk. Nip the problem of unintentional plagiarism in the bud by using plagiarism-checking software

Plagiarism Checkers — Not Just For Students

Think that plagiarism checkers are just for students avoiding serious academic penalties? Think again! Professional writers can also use plagiarism checkers. These plagiarism checkers work as online versions as well as downloaded software. Many of the best ones around, like PlagTracker, can function on a free or paid basis. However, professional writers are usually recommended to use paid versions for extra security. Still unconvinced? Here are some more reasons why plagiarism-checking is for you:

  • Honest and creative writers can and do get tangled up in content that is too similar to others’ works. Even one of the best American poets Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was famously accused of plagiarism by Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Don’t forget that plagiarism is also a criminal act. If someone catches you knowingly or otherwise taking from their works, they can take you to court. After this happens, you could be stuck with endless legal and damages fees.
  • Plagiarism checkers can improve your writing skills. By identifying areas that are too similar to others’ works, it can force you to write differently.
  • It provides results fast and easy so that you can take into them into account in your written work and change the offending content.

A Practical Approach to Plagiarism Prevention

Another more practical approach to avoiding online plagiarism is to use a variety of sources, both online and offline. That way, you are not overly influenced by just one source, lessening your chances of accidental plagiarism. Multiple sources require you to think and analyze, which is plagiarism prevention in and of itself.